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Introducing Seraphina

I've spoken about this new "story" before... a lot I think... Anyways, I've decided to introduce my new and pending novel "Seraphina: The Elite". I've just now decided to announce it seeing as I have now reached 35,000 words and am still going strong. I have to say that I am very happy with the results so far (of course that can change but I hope not). Basically, in a few sentences this should sum it up...

Magick isn’t learnt. Assassins aren’t all men. Royalty don’t all wear crowns. Love and loyalty aren’t both the same.

The Kingdom's Spy: Final Cover

A huge thanks to Armstreet LLC once again for an amazing photo! I am very happy with the cover I've finally settled on making. Here it is!



Travel to my favorite castle in Europe!

Anyone who knows me, or might even know of me, knows that I am a castle enthusiast. Duh... Haha, well last month I travelled with one of my best friends to a fortified, beautiful piece of history that took my breath away. Chateau de Pierrefonds is a fully intact castle rebuilt in the early 18th century by a man who wished to see the medieval castle in its original state. First impression... it's HUGE. I've been to Neuschwanstein, and that is large. When one stands at the bottom of one of Pierrefond's spires though, you feel like a very small field mouse. Pierrefonds might not be as decorative on the outside as Neuschwanstein, or even on the inside (in terms of paint), but the architecture, and sheer vastness of the castle is unbelievable. There were so many passages, stairwells, and rooms that I felt lost even after an hour of being in the castle. It is gorgeous though! Not to mention the Throne Hall and Great Hall. Not everyone will share the same feelings for this pla…

A New Perspective

Traditional publishing is a long process I decided. That doesn't mean I still won't do it, because I will. I believe that it is worth the wait to find the perfect publisher for my books, is it not? I realized that I will never be seen if I never put myself out there. It does pain me a little, when one publisher says no, but that is really all that it is. A 'no'. At least they read my work, and know who I am now. My mother even says that perhaps one day they would revisit my work. It is about creating the relationship with the publishers. They are people, not computers. It was great getting feedback from one that is unable to publish my work, because it will help me for next time. It's about growth. Every one that says 'no,' means one more that might say yes. I can see, as a Christian how God has the perfect plans for me. One day. So that is why, when people ask me if I am disappointed that one turned me down, I say 'not really', because I know that …

Keeping up with life

Two days before Spring Break, I couldn't wait for all of the free time I would have to write. I was hoping to go on and somehow (magically) finish one of the two books I'm currently writing. That was what I wanted to happen. Ha, never would it go that way ;). I have had some seemingly great ideas, which never got written down. Where does time go? To be honest, I'm not quite sure what I have been doing these past two weeks to take my time away from writing. Procrastinating with small things here and there I suppose. I have however made small progress with my new story, and am now beginning to do my thorough changes in book three (The Kingdom's Spy). I believe, and hope that by the end of the month, not only will book 2 be ready for publishing, but book three will be fully written (fingers crossed).