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Long time, no blog.

So it is April 5th, and I have officially not been writing on here in what feels like, forever. I am back though! Back from what? From the craziness of life... Basically. It is true that there are many things that can distract a writer. Especially a fifteen year old still in high school. :) I have been getting a start on my books again though! I decided I wan't happy with what I have written recently in book three, so I have taken it out and began rewriting it (this is the second time now). That's all right though. Book two is in its second editing currently as I collaborate with my brilliant proofer ;). It has been a week or two since I sent in my submissions for traditionally publishing, but I'm in no rush to hear back. It just makes me happy that someone else has read my story or heard of me.

That's about all I will say in this post seeing as I am about to do another book update which will fill in the rest... Have a fantastic weekend!