Does grammar matter????

It's such a broad question with tons of answers, but truth is, to me.... Well, no. Not on the level that most would expect me to. In general I am rather good about checking my grammar in papers and my writing, but sometimes on things that don't really matter to me, I don't... And I get criticized, A LOT. I am a writer though; an author meant to share a story. That is my job. If I wanted to be an editor or proofer then of course my grammar would be perfect! But it isn't, and do I mind? No, because my whole purpose is to tell a story to a reader and if I can do that,(even with a few grammatical mistakes), then I have done well. I'm pretty sure reading this, you have caught at least five grammatical or punctual errors, but you understood the purpose of this message? I want to thank my lovely editor, AND my proofer, who have helped me so much with my writing this past year.  They are he ones who make my work presentable for those who care about grammar in writing too much to not pass up the chance to tell me what I've done wrong. I realize now that I will get a lot of that from now on, but I cannot let it get to me any longer. Wow, and I look at this and see how much I've written, but I'm glad to let that be said. My grammar might suck, but as long as my stories are alright, then I don't mind. :)




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