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So much writing!

Well I've got to send in my submission for Scholastic competition...
My cover letter for a publishing company I am going to submit to...
Three entries for my school writing competition...
Book three...
and a story I am doing for a Christmas Present...

I've got a lot of writing to do!!!

Have a great week... You know what I'll be doing for the next year... haha



Word Update

So word count is up to 29,000 words now on book three! That's about 60 word pages. Making progress for sure. After coming out of my writer's block I was finally able to get back into the flow of things. Let's just say, that right now book three has some pretty depressing/sad parts in it... or it might just be me. haha. Anyways, I've got one week left to reach my 50,000 word goal for NaNoWriMo which probably won't happen, and I know for sure the book won't be done at 50,000 words seeing as book to was 98,000!
I can't wait until the first snow so I can hopefully get some winter pictures in costumes for characters as well!
Lastly, book three is on its way, and hopefully thee now, with my editor! :)

Enjoy your week,



Writing Articles now!

So I've got my first article on Germany Ja magazine now! I am hoping this will become a more regular thing, but it feels nice to share my German experiences with others who are traveling or just moving here. :) Check it out!

Rewrite complete!

Book one, The King's Daughter rewrite is complete! The new version of the book won't be available on Amazon, B&N, and other online bookstores until Friday, but it is available right now on CreateSpace estore! :) Book two will be sent to my editor on Wednesday, and book three is at 13,000 words so far!!! :)

Have a great week!