A little excerpt!

So I wrote something just today after I got a marvelous idea! It is from one of the next two books, which I will not say because I don't want to give any ideas or hints away... I was working on description and detailing, and perhaps this will give you a little insight on the main character of book two, Krea.
-Keep an open mind where the gentleman can be any one of the characters. This excerpt, I might not even put in the book, just because it would spoil things for the reader. But I wanted you all to see just what I have been thinking about lately....

     "Krea stood nervously out on the small hidden balcony. The snow was falling fast now; large white flakes sweeping the crisp morning air. The snow covered buildings of the city were barely visible in the distance. It was only ten in the morning and the loud sounds of the merry laughter and festive music could be heard through the howling winter winds. It was Christmas morning and her hidden feelings hindered her Christmas spirit. She thought about leaving her rooms and joining everyone around the Christmas tree decorated with spiced tangerines and glass blown ornaments. She fought against the urge though...
     He stepped out into the freezing winter air, surprised at the length of time Krea had been able to endure the cold. After all, he had been standing in the open doorway between the room and the balcony for the past twenty minutes, watching her argue with herself. he could have stepped in right away, but fear itself gripped at his stomach as he clenched the delicate present in his hands. Would she like it? What would she say if anything at all? 'Merry Christmas,' He finally said. Krea swiveled around in her heavy crimson gown, the bodice minimizing her breathing. Her long curls cascaded over her bare shoulders as she lifted her eyes to his.
     'Merry Christmas,' She replied with a shy smile."


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