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Behind the Scenes!

So I had the extraordinary opportunity yesterday to film a book trailer for The Prince's Assassin! Here are just a few pics of what went on... And introducing the newest character, Miss Kreathine Miles, a nobleman's daughter with a future far more complex than she could have ever imagined. The second book in the Hidden Secrets Trilogy will be full of fear, power, magic, romance, loss and a journey of a girl who will one day help Arabella to try and put an end to the Dark Magic (Seinyun).

 (I'm the one sitting in the grass ;)

Arabella, knight in shining armor, Inigrid and Kreathine

Behind the Scenes

Book trailer for The Prince's Assassin was filmed today at Ronneburg Castle, Germany. Here is just are just two behind the scenes pictures. I am the one sitting in the grass... A.K.A Arabella. And my crew, hairdresser, makeup artist, director, and other characters :D

Scholastic Competition changes

Well I have sad news, but it could be good for me in a way... I am not allowed to enter The King's Daughter in Scholastic because it is already "published", but now I am alright with that because I have another novel that I have written of another "series" that I can alter and get ready to enter in the competition if I can get it done in time.

Hope you all a great week. :)




So I decided that in November (novel writing month for NaNoWriMo) I am going to try and write the whole rough draft of book 3? Sounds like a deal! I guess we'll see if it works!

Traditional Publishers

So now that I am nearing the end of my rewrite, I have been looking at traditional publishers to submit to. Any ideas? I've got a couple great ones and one that I would really like to submit to!

-Penguin Press
-Random House
-Barnes and Nobles
-Sun Dial

and Boxfire Press which is the one company I am really looking forward to submitting to!



A little excerpt!

So I wrote something just today after I got a marvelous idea! It is from one of the next two books, which I will not say because I don't want to give any ideas or hints away... I was working on description and detailing, and perhaps this will give you a little insight on the main character of book two, Krea.
-Keep an open mind where the gentleman can be any one of the characters. This excerpt, I might not even put in the book, just because it would spoil things for the reader. But I wanted you all to see just what I have been thinking about lately....

     "Krea stood nervously out on the small hidden balcony. The snow was falling fast now; large white flakes sweeping the crisp morning air. The snow covered buildings of the city were barely visible in the distance. It was only ten in the morning and the loud sounds of the merry laughter and festive music could be heard through the howling winter winds. It was Christmas morning and her hidden feelings hindered her Christmas sp…