Struggles with Book 3

To be honest, I am at odd ends with book three right now. I know I shouldn't even be working on it since I have to work on my rewrite of book one and reviewing for book two, but I can't get over it. I had started it a little while back, and I just felt as if it is terrible. The beginning sort of drab, and I didn't know how I wanted to get the characters to another place without making it boring. So I have gone back and deleted everything I had and restarting.  Perhaps it will just take time, do you think? I have a feeling this will be the most difficult one out of the three, that I will have to right. I know everything I want to be in the book, and the plot and how it will end (most likely) but I am having troubles with writing it right now. now this is what I call writer's block.. haha. Anyhow, thought I would give a little update.




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