Maturity and Intimacy in Writing

I admit, yes, my story isn't written for anyone under ten or even twelve I would say, unless parents allow. Mainly because of some more mature language and some intimate moments. But that is just my opinion. If I had the option to take these things out though to widen the age range would I? No, probably not.

Mature language is a fact of life. Walk outside now and you will probably hear at least one curse word come out of someone's mouth, or even your own. Back then, it wasn't much different. I don't want to write a story and make it completely secluded from some reality. Death, love, language, matters of the heart, are all things that we can face in real life, and I want my characters to experience at least some of those things. That way, more people can relate to the characters.

Intimacy is another part of writing that can add to the realism if done correctly. None of my writing goes so far that it would be consider inappropriate for the younger readers, but there is intimate moments including kissing and or let's say displays of affection? I have put this into my stories for a couple reasons. The reality/realism is one. But otherwise, it shows the true love between the characters, Nevar and Ara for example. It shows how deep and real their relationship is. Make sense? Let me know if you have any questions and I will do my best to answer :)



p.s. Rewrite is coming along great might I add!


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