The Prince's Assassin's Cover

The King of Leonald has fallen, and Prince Merek assumed the throne so that Arabella could train her small army to fight for her. To fight for everyone. To become assassins who would wipe out the Seinyun. But nothing has been the same since Esperlyss died, and Ara can feel it within her. She has waited two years to travel to the Dragon’s Land in search of Esperlyss’ hatchling. She has waited two years for the one last thing she needed. Krea.

Krea grew up with the life chosen for her. Raised under a violent father and temperamental mother, Krea has locked herself away from everyone she once loved, including herself. Krea knows the only way she can live the life she wanted is if she runs. Run for her life and never look back. But as she ran, she never saw him coming.

Taken to the Summer Palace by strange and mysterious Gaven, Krea learns of her true self, and the gifts that she possesses. It isn’t until she is taken away to the Dragon’s Land in search of a hatchling does Krea finally realize her place in it all. She is spying, lying, and fighting, just to save her life, and the one she grows to love. But for what purpose? Only the ten guardians know… But one of those guardians is Arabella’s, and one, she learns, is her’s.


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