The Kingdom's Spy

    Many have been asking, and yes I can say that I have started on the Kingdom's Spy. However, that does NOT mean I am done with The Prince's Assassin. I have only finished the first draft and am still editing and going through to review it. I will be more than happy to say when I have begun the publishing process on it though!
    A tip on The Prince's Assassin though: the assassin is working for the prince. It isn't the person who kills the prince but is assigned by him to kill someone else. Just to clarify because I know many have been mistaken.
    Please don't forget Gaven from the first book! (the one who was sixteen, and was saved from a hanging by Ara) because when the second book roles around, he will be two years older, stronger, more mysterious, and the main male character in the book! :)

Have a great weekend! I'm enjoying as much as I can of my last week and a half in America before I head back to Deutschland!




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