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The Fairy Forest

So Tyler doesn't know I am doing this, but.... last year she wrote a short novel with me called The Fairy Forest. I have now added a new page that explains a little more and has an excerpt from the story. I am hoping to eventually get it published for the two of us, but for now I would love to hear inputs on it.

The story is more fantasy based than the King's Daughter, having to do solely around fairies and dragons. You can read the back cover on The Fairy Forest page that I made. :)

The Kingdom's Spy

Many have been asking, and yes I can say that I have started on the Kingdom's Spy. However, that does NOT mean I am done with The Prince's Assassin. I have only finished the first draft and am still editing and going through to review it. I will be more than happy to say when I have begun the publishing process on it though!
    A tip on The Prince's Assassin though: the assassin is working for the prince. It isn't the person who kills the prince but is assigned by him to kill someone else. Just to clarify because I know many have been mistaken.
    Please don't forget Gaven from the first book! (the one who was sixteen, and was saved from a hanging by Ara) because when the second book roles around, he will be two years older, stronger, more mysterious, and the main male character in the book! :)

Have a great weekend! I'm enjoying as much as I can of my last week and a half in America before I head back to Deutschland!



Book talk and signing!

Had a wonderful breakfast at Floanna's? Diner this morning while talking over my book with my amazing grandfather. It might sound odd, but the advice and supportive criticism he gave me was amazing, and I can't wait to better my writing.

Sunday is my book signing here in Seattle!

Have a wonderful weekend!



The Prince's Assassin's Cover

The King of Leonald has fallen, and Prince Merek assumed the throne so that Arabella could train her small army to fight for her. To fight for everyone. To become assassins who would wipe out the Seinyun. But nothing has been the same since Esperlyss died, and Ara can feel it within her. She has waited two years to travel to the Dragon’s Land in search of Esperlyss’ hatchling. She has waited two years for the one last thing she needed. Krea.
Krea grew up with the life chosen for her. Raised under a violent father and temperamental mother, Krea has locked herself away from everyone she once loved, including herself. Krea knows the only way she can live the life she wanted is if she runs. Run for her life and never look back. But as she ran, she never saw him coming.

First Draft Complete

I finished the first draft of book 2! These past couple days I have been lucky to get great ideas for the ending, and a great friend Tyler, for helping me. She is there when I say "I need you to read this," or "I need a better way of writing this" and she has been such a help. Gonna go back now and of course, rewrite it, work on it. I decided I would share the cover of The Prince's Assassin with you as well!