Opportunities everywhere!

So I submitted an entry a little bit ago to the Germany Ja magazine because they are looking writers. I talked with the woman who is the manager and I have to say that I was stunned when I heard back from her. She said that I had an amazingly unique voice and that she would love me to be on the team. She wants me to do a column in the magazine that is for people who are moving overseas, and what life is like living in germany as a foreigner from America.

I believe it can directed towards young adult or adults and I get to answer questions from people and share my travels. It is amazing because I have been keeping track of all of my trips, taking pictures and writing in journals and now I get to put them into a magazine!

It just goes to show what you can accomplish if you try. :) And all because my mom saw a post on facebook and shared it with me, did i then email the lady and ask for info :) It is the Living in Germany story by the way. I will put some of it up on the Living in Germany page for you.




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