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The Prince's Assassin

Well I created book two's cover today! Won't reveal it until I release the publishing date of the book :) Can't wait for the book signings this summer in Denver and Seattle! Can't wait to see family and friends! P.S don't forget to go on Amazon and rate The King's Daughter once you read it!

Have a great weekend!



Just another Saturday :)

Sitting on the traintoday driving in the sunny day, I realised that two years ago, I would never think that I would be riding a tram to school on a beautiful saturday to watch a school softball tournament. Or that I would be living in Germany, and an author, and have so many great friends. It is amazing how life can change so quickly. In the blink of an eye, and now I am in Europe of all places, really taking life as it comes, an thanking God for every day. I feel truly blessed to have such an amazing family and friends, especially those friends that have been there for me for two years, thousands of miles away from me. I cant wait to see them again tgis summer. 
Have you ever watched the people out the train window. Everyone on their own patth, on their own time heading nowhere but only thy know. Take precious time out of your day sometime to watch an truly listen. To enjoy even a minute of the life god has given you. I dont mean o sound so deep??? Haha but i just want everyone to b…

Rewrite coming up!

Haha, yeah, well I've started working on the rewrite. I have already made my changes in one of my copies, and I have a second pair of eyes doing a look through it as well, just to double check. I am sort of excited to publish it again. A chance for people who didn't get it before, to get it, and people who want a new version as well. Although I don't see why they would want it.... :P But anyways, I will be submitting the full novel to the Scholastic competition this year, and a lot more work has to be put into it, to prepare it and the other things that I need to send in with it, so I guess during my visit to the states this summer, I'll have something to do while laying beside the pool... Wish you all a great weekend, and hope there is plenty of sunshine to go around :)



A new addition to my blog :P

I have created a new blog as well, (to sort of promote myself) and this is the link. I will try to get more stuff up when I get the chance, but right now I am simply trying to find out how it all works. I have already gotten lots of views from other writers and authors on that blog as well, so I will try to keep it up but I am not sure how I will maintain two separate blogs.

It will probably have the same posts as well!



The Prince's Assassin!

The sequel to The King's Daughter, The Prince's Assassin is coming along great I think! A little too easy perhaps. I haven't done one rewrite yet, which is odd compared to the hundreds of rewrites I did in The King's Daughter. I suppose I should read the manuscript thoroughly so far. :) Just to let everyone know that I am over half way done now with it, (first draft) and ask away if you have questions about it!

P.S. I've started reading The Maze Runner after I got nagged enough for not reading it. We'll see how long it takes me. I am estimating four or five days.

Have a great week!



Königstein Mittelalter fest 2013 Knights Fair

Had a great Mother's Day in Königstein, and would love to show a few pictures my mother took of me :) Me in my medieval costume #1 out of 2.

Font use

I recently learned of font use and copyrights. Did you know that all fonts have a copyright? Well I didn't, but I will fix my problem. I think... Just to state that my book font does not belong to me and I mean no copyright infragment, and I will try to either switch it to one I can use without problem, or get permission to use it. (copyright Linotype AG) does anyone know if I am supposed to find out if I can use it or not?