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On Sunday, the 28th, I went to another medieval festival :) It was one of the largest, in Freienfels, Germany. I got to go with my editor and her family, and we had a great time. Some might think it cheesy (including my friends) but it is just me. I love going, it feels like I fit. And yes, I dress up, and yes I do everything that the others do. But if you go along with it, you can find yourself really enjoying it. I sure did. And it definitely wasn't the first or last time. I got a new quiver for my arrows! Well, my first quiver. But it is super nice. I also got an amazing new leather bound journal/ book (thanks to Kristin) that is just beautiful. When I saw the booth at the festival, I fell in love with every single journal / book that I saw. The book is hand made, real leather, with a nordic symbol kind of design in the back. The paper is also hand made and there is a metal clasp to close it. I absolutely adore it! i will post a picture when I get a chance. As for now, have a good week! 




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