Writer's mistakes

I am so annoyed/worried/paranoid about/over my work. So as you all know, I received my copy in the mail, and me being me, I have one copy that is my personal editing copy. Since I didn't have an actual 'proofer' or the time for a proofer to proof read the book before published, I am going through with a pencil, marking the spelling or punctuation errors in the book. I don't really think anyone would notice most if any of the mistakes  but to me, I feel like I have failed to write a reading worthy book if the reader is constantly pointing out the errors.
   So I decided that I am going to finish going over these 'errors' and do what is called a 'rewrite' where I make the changes and send it back in. Since the book is printed to demand, there will be no problem, except that the new one won't have the mistakes. As my mother says, 'when your rich and famous from this, then those originals that those people own will be worth a lot.' I laugh at that now, but no one knows...



  1. When u r back I need my copy signed, please:)

  2. Yes of course! :) See you this summer :)

  3. Hey that's the way to keep improving. I wish I had the fortitude to actually write some of the books floating in my head. Maybe when I'm old. Glad you got an early start on your passion.


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