Meaning behind my signature.

So, to the friends whose books I have signed.... You might be wondering why I sign the books, 'Love, K.K" as well as my blog posts. There is a simple meaning behind it. Ever since I was little, my family and close friends have always called me Kaykay, or K.K. No difference besides when it is spelt. I suppose I like being called that, it gives a sense of friendship in a way. As for the 'Love', I write letters, a lot. I rarely message my friends back in America. I still love to write letters and use the post. Might sound old-fashioned, but I like to keep up with traditions. I always sign my letters with 'Love Kayla,' or 'Love Kaykay,' so that is kind of how I got to sign. Like I am writing a brief letter to a friend or such. :) Have a great weekend!




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