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Writing Ideas/ Idea notebooks

On Sunday, the 28th, I went to another medieval festival :) It was one of the largest, in Freienfels, Germany. I got to go with my editor and her family, and we had a great time. Some might think it cheesy (including my friends) but it is just me. I love going, it feels like I fit. And yes, I dress up, and yes I do everything that the others do. But if you go along with it, you can find yourself really enjoying it. I sure did. And it definitely wasn't the first or last time. I got a new quiver for my arrows! Well, my first quiver. But it is super nice. I also got an amazing new leather bound journal/ book (thanks to Kristin) that is just beautiful. When I saw the booth at the festival, I fell in love with every single journal / book that I saw. The book is hand made, real leather, with a nordic symbol kind of design in the back. The paper is also hand made and there is a metal clasp to close it. I absolutely adore it! i will post a picture when I get a chance. As for now, have a g…

Germany, UK, and US copies

Hey, so just to let everyone know.... Buying the book off of Amazon, from different ".coms" can differ how the book looks, just so ya know :) If you buy the US one, it is how I originally intended it to be. Thicker, cream paper, and the cover nicely done. Germany, the paper is white, however the cover is still the same. And for the UK, the paper is yellowish... and the cover is darker than normal, and sort of pixilated. I think my next task is to find out how I can make different covers for the different countries' publishing.
 Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!



Meaning behind my signature.

So, to the friends whose books I have signed.... You might be wondering why I sign the books, 'Love, K.K" as well as my blog posts. There is a simple meaning behind it. Ever since I was little, my family and close friends have always called me Kaykay, or K.K. No difference besides when it is spelt. I suppose I like being called that, it gives a sense of friendship in a way. As for the 'Love', I write letters, a lot. I rarely message my friends back in America. I still love to write letters and use the post. Might sound old-fashioned, but I like to keep up with traditions. I always sign my letters with 'Love Kayla,' or 'Love Kaykay,' so that is kind of how I got to sign. Like I am writing a brief letter to a friend or such. :) Have a great weekend!




I want to thank the media team at my school for doing a book review/interview with me :) It really meant a lot, and I had a great time with two of my friends there. I can't wait until I can see it myself.



Let's see who can guess right.

I have a little competition? Is that how you would describe it? Whoever can count the exact number of times Arabella goes up and down the steps, and describes hearing it... and why this has anything to do with it in the end, will win a free signed copy :) Is that good?

9th Grade presentations

So tonight, I presented my published novel, and the process in which I took to publish it. I think it went really good with my assessor, and  word got to some more people about it who might take interest :) We'll see. But I am going to make a new page dedicated to the Self-publishing process and what I did while I went through it, like in my presentation. So that those of you who are curious, well, can find out for yourself :) I hope you had a great day!


Writer's mistakes

I am so annoyed/worried/paranoid about/over my work. So as you all know, I received my copy in the mail, and me being me, I have one copy that is my personal editing copy. Since I didn't have an actual 'proofer' or the time for a proofer to proof read the book before published, I am going through with a pencil, marking the spelling or punctuation errors in the book. I don't really think anyone would notice most if any of the mistakes  but to me, I feel like I have failed to write a reading worthy book if the reader is constantly pointing out the errors.
   So I decided that I am going to finish going over these 'errors' and do what is called a 'rewrite' where I make the changes and send it back in. Since the book is printed to demand, there will be no problem, except that the new one won't have the mistakes. As my mother says, 'when your rich and famous from this, then those originals that those people own will be worth a lot.' I laugh at th…

My copy!

I finally got my copy! Even though all of my family (well most) of them got it first, so even I didn't get to see it. But mine finally arrived in the mail today! I have to say I am pretty proud of myself. I think I could make a couple changes to the cover and size of font, when I republish it I think. But that's ok.

Buying the book

Thank you to all those who have bought my book so far :) I really appreciate it. Also if you will give me opinions and comments and stuff as you read it or after you have read it, will be great.

p.s. not to make it sound like you have to get it, but the money i earn from selling these, I am saving to go on a week long missions trip this June in America. So thanks to all those who have already helped me :)