The King's Daughter Description

Who would like to know what my novel is about? I have the back cover summary/ description here for you!  

Princess Arabella has lived her childhood confined inside the walls of her father's castle ever since her other died of a plague. All she wants to do is be able to live freely somewhere with her best friend that she has fallen in love with, that the court would never allow her to marry. But she beholds a secret as well that only her dead mother and the one she loves, know. Something that can't be said to anyone else in the kingdom or her father could take advantage of her. But when she finally gets the chance to break free of her father, she finds it is more challenging to live the life that she always wanted.

A romantic, yet powerful and strong and action packed medieval fantasy story, about a princess who only ever wanted to become independent and to live freely with the powers that she was gifted with. And how her struggles in her father's kingdom, with a king who stood overprotective forced her to realize what had to be done, and what her own father was hiding from the rest of his people.


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