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Seraphina: Enchantress of Erimere

Wow! Has it been a long time or what? I could lie and tell you that I have been writing like crazy over here, but that just wouldn't be fair to you! To be honest, for the past several months I've suffered from a serious lack of motivation to write. I had a few productive days here and there, but nothing like in the past where I could sit and write for several days on end. HOWEVER, despite all that, I come bearing some pretty freaking fantastic news! (well I think so anyway). I just finished writing Seraphina (The Enchantress of Erimere)! It has taken right around five years to write this sucker, and I think that might contribute to why it's been so hard to write the last few scenes it was missing to fill in the gaps. Although it's still just a first draft, this marks the third complete novel that I've written after King's Daughter 1&2 (although I still need to publish #2). My plan going forward is to polish up Seraphina to try and submit to some editors or…
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Atoned- Novella

Actually getting some writing done! Yay! This is just a novella I've been working on for about a year now, and have uploaded most of the chapters to Inkitt because I believe sharing is caring for those who'd like to read it! You can also rate if you want, and vote since it's entered in a contest! 


K. Coleman  


Jumping off the Deep End

Well, for those of you reading on here, this news may be coming out of the deep blue, but today is officially publishing day for the new edition of The King's Daughter! Published this evening, about ten minutes ago, (so it will take a little time to actually show up online... but), my book will be available on Amazon and Barnes&Noble in print, and will be available as an e-book within a few weeks when I finish up the formatting! I finally thought it about time to stop fussing over the small things (because I knew it'll never be "done" to me if I keep trying to fix minute details). I'm excited to share this newer version with my family and friends who've always shown such great love and support towards my writing over the years! I've come a long way, but know that I still have a long way to go, and The King's Daughter is just my first stop on that long journey! Publishing this will allow me the time now to give more of my time and attention to wor…

Another Summer in VC

As I sit on the balcony of the Fairweather Inn, built in 18- something or other, overlooking the small main street of Virginia City Montana, I can’t help but want to throw a rock through the windshield of the cardinal red Subaru across the street with its alarm going off ever forty-five seconds. The terrible thing is that the owner has to be aware that their car alarm is going off because once it starts, it last between two and thirty seconds and then is shut off, and will either start back up within two to five seconds- so where is my peace and quiet? I surely thought that I would find it here, but apparently not. With that aside, a cold and numbing breeze sweeps across the balcony and down the sloped street as a light rain begins to turn into a downpour. I have missed the fresh and renewing smell of rain in Montana though. It is odd to say, but it certainly isn’t the same elsewhere in the world- especially not in Phoenix Arizona where every time the skies open to a downpour, the onl…

Things are Changing

With the school year coming to a wrap, time seems to retract from its lengthened state so much so that the days are clearly flying by. A lot has happened as of late, and a lot is still to come. Outside of writing, About a month ago now, I was hospitalized again for my ankle injury after getting cellulitis and a staph infect in my ankle joint from the first surgery I had back in January. It was all quite a debacle, but now I must say my ankle is feeling better than ever, and get more and more excited as my strength returns. Recently I also purchased my first car (well a truck), so I came home this last weekend to clean and repair a bit in preparation for my road trip to Montana for the summer! Last summer was a remarkable experience for me living near and working in Virginia City, and I keep counting down the days until I get to return this year. Not only did I get to experience a lot of memorable things while I was there, but I also got a lot of writing done including working on stori…

A Long Time Coming

It’s been too long, I gravely admit. I’ve never been the best with keeping up with things unless I have a regular commitment that comes with a regular reminder to commit. However, in the last few months, I fear if I did write anything, it would have been dreadfully boring because I really had very little to share in terms of my writing. It isn’t until as of recently that some serious progress has been made, and progress that is worth sharing with those of you who are interested. For the last five months(ish), an editor friend has been extensively going through the rewrite of my first original novel The King’s Daughter. Just a few weeks ago, that revision was finally completed, and I was able to go through the edits made to make the changes needed to polish the story. Oh what a relief it was the moment I finished the last page, and admittedly there was a sense of pride knowing how much my writing has changed, adapted, and improved in recent years so much so that I believe that for thos…

Political Drama

As a forward note, this post does not share my political affiliation, nor does it aim to demean or criticize people who voted for either party. Rather this post addresses the rude actions of people on both sites as a result of the election, and the things that I have observed since.

Granted, it's after the elections now, but media and students around campus still buzz about political leaders which generally means sitting and listen to strangers spew off about their personal opinion of what could have been, what will be, and what if the world just imploded so Americans wouldn't have to deal with the stress of a new president anymore. It has been difficult watching who I thought to be friends, tearing apart other friends just because of their political affiliation. I've have people I know who are even American citizens, urging their American Facebook friends to unfriend them because they didn't like who they were voting for. I don't know, but to me there is just som…